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Red Dog Casino Review

Red Dog Casino Review – Red Dog casino is a popular place to visit amongst the millenial gamblers. People are always seeking for something new and have not always been there. That is why Red Dog casino is a good option. Red Dog casino is a place where everyone can enjoy traditional and newer types of casino games.

The casino focuses on bringing in frequent players and offer high quality service in doing so. The website’s layout is quite simplistic and that almost anyone can instantly start playing in that website. We are going to provide you today with an honest review of what this website is all about.

Players often come to this website looking for a quick game or two. This is because most of their games are high speed games with low volatility. Such as slot games, pachinko machines, dice games, and etc. Red Dog casino always invents and bring something new to the table every single day. That is why many players do not easily get bored with their games. 

Red Dog Casino Review 

Red Dog Casino

Red dog casino is a famous online casino. This casino has just became very trending recently and it has not always been this popular. But due to the pandemic, people have been more active to visit casinos. Red dog casino offers most of the games that you are looking for.

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Red Dog Casino Review
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Red Dog casino is popular and currently has over 10 thousand active users every single day. And on top of that, the number of new users keeps on increasing every single day. Players seem to also have gotten too comfortable playing in this website already.

Overall, the registration process is also quite instant. All other casinos adopt a program called KYC or know your customer. In this case, all players are given the maximum animosity so that no one knows who you are. Whichever country you come from, you can enjoy red dog casino like anyone else.

This online casino originated in America and has followed all regulations. They are one of the best casinos up to date and have passed all kinds of license. Many people came to trust this website and that the number of players that are active is more than enough to prove this.


Before jumping and trying on the games that they offer then you might want to read a few things or two first.

What Sports Can I Bet On at Red Dog?

There are many games that you can bet on. Red Dog casino focuses on providing good odds. This means that they eliminate other types of casino games that me be people’s favorite. Some of the most classic game such as slot machines are still in the casino. But these games are not updated. So you can only play games that are classics such as Las Vegas slot machines.

Do not expect much or good percentage to win from slot machines. They’re only a side game that you don’t have to play or prioritize. Instead what you can have leave bet on our football games. Red Dog casino is really resourceful because they’re able to provide game such as from South America, Canada, southeast Asia, Japan, China, America oh, and Europe.

All of these region provide different types of football leagues. You can choose a region and the live score will be updated to you. You can even see a live and game if you would want to tune in to watch the game.

Live Betting at Red Dog

What betting is not really provided in Red Dog Casino. People come to this casino in order to play Arcade games or games that are basically semi online. If you want to play live betting at Red Dog Casino then there aren’t much options to try.

There are however some kind of live betting such as the lotteries. Red Dog Casino offers a huge jackpot system and it is called the progressive jackpot. Anyone who plays that means that they will get access to the progressive jackpot. 

The more that you play the higher your chances are to actually hit the jackpot. Each time a person plays the jackpot number will keep on increasing. Usually the maximum amount of jackpot is around 100 million dollars.

And these amount of money are you going to be shared too many people and are just one person. So anyone can get their hands on thousands of dollars or up to the millions of dollars. 

Customer Service and Support

Red Dog Casino Review  for Customer Service and Support – Red Dog online casino offers a reasonable customer service. Customer service is very important that is why we want to prioritize this as one of the main focuses in our review. In this case Red Dog casino is able to give a standard response towards their users. The average time that it takes for them to reply certain request is around 5 minutes up to 1 hour.

This depends on how much people currently needs the customer service program. All in all we say that the customer service is satisfying but it may be slow sometimes. This should not be a problem if you’re willing to wait.

But if the problem is very urgent than you can try calling them instead of just emailing or going to chat them. They have a live chat service in which you can contact them directly.

Deposit Options and Payouts

Deposit options are a fantastic service in this website. Players do not have to doubt what kind of deposit options they can try. Nowadays, Red Dog casino will give you so many options to the point that you will always want to deposit. For starters, the Red Dog casino will give you options such as debit cards, paypal, skrill, and cryptocurrency.

The main event for this casino’s deposit method are cryptocurrencies. Red Dog casino is famous for allowing their own players to deposit using cryptocurrency. Red Dog casino is a very special place for players to visit. People are given the freedom to pay with Bitcoins or ethereum. This gives a much easier access for anyone that wants to gamble.

Besides using cryptocurrency you can also try other options. Some of the options that we highly recommend for you to try is paying with your PayPal account or skrill. Using PayPal is one of the easiest ways to deposit in Red Dog Casino.

They accept any kinds of Paypal payment as long as you do not do any refund. Note that all PayPal transactions will take a much higher fee or lower fee depending on your account. This is also the same for any users who want to deposit and use Skrill.

Bonuses, Promotions and Rewards

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Overall the bonuses that are provided by Red Dog is very high quality. The only problem is that not all bonuses can immediately be withdrawn from the website. So you actually have to be patient before withdrawing any money at all.

Welcome Bonus

Playing in Red Dog casino is never complete when you do not register yourself and get deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses is given to all players without any conditions at all. All you need to do is to register yourself for the first time and do a deposit for the very first time. Any players who do this deposit will get around 50% up to 100%.

Referral Bonuses

Any player who are still new are given and provided new ways to make money. In Red Dog casino, there is a special program called referral bonuses. This type of bonus is intended to provide new streams of income to their players. For example if you need money, you can refer their website and get 10 %.

There is a certain referral code for players to share freely. This is one of the great offers being provided by red dog casino.

Rebate Bonus

On top of that the Red Dog Casino also gives you other types of bonuses. One of the most famous bone is called rebate bonuses. When it comes to rebate bonuses, players will get a small portion of their money back.

That is why the bonuses itself is called a rebate bonus. Which means that you will get around 10 to 20% of your money back. You also need to look at the current promo or bonus that is currently active. Sometimes the bonuses May reach up to even 30%. But this is not applicable to all types of Games. Rebate bonuses usually is only given for slot machines or similar types of machines.

Betting from your Phone: Mobile Betting 

Betting from your phone is much easier than before. To win lot soft money, the Red Dog casino opened applications for their players. Playing casino is not as hard as it is when you have to find a casino offline. Red Dog casino offers an app access from Android and IOS. Any player can download this app and it is not a sized app.

Players who have already downloaded their applications are usually given a higher bonus. You can find this application on the website and not on the Play store or App Store. This is because the game is still illegal in certain countries and that is why it cannot be legalized. 

Is Red Dog the Right Online Sportsbook for Me?

This depends on what kind of games you are looking for when playing online. Red Dog is an arcade casino and it has a lot of brand new games. This type of genre may not be suitable for everyone. Some people love classic games and that is why we think that it might not be suitable for them. To those of you who are still looking  for new experiences, then this may be the right game for you.

You can find a few classic games if that is what you intend to play. Classic games and red dog casinos are not that often and they don’t really have a Sportsbook option. Which means that you cannot really enjoy poker or sports betting in general.



This is our brief Red Dog Casino review. Overall, Red Dog Casino is one of the best online gambling sites that you can try.